When it comes to energy consumption and reducing energy bills, doors do not get as much importance as the windows. But, things might be different when windows are compared with garden or sliding patio doors. These doors are available in a huge variety of materials, patterns, styles and designs that offer maximum energy efficiency. They are responsible for reducing heat consumption and allow homeowners to maintain warmth inside their homes. There are metal-clad doors that work more efficiently than solid wood and homeowners prefer to have energy efficient patio doors that do not lose energy.

Ways To Reduce Heat Loss

Normally, heat is lost through the doors, windows, sills, glasses, frames and other openings. It is, therefore, necessary for homeowners to be really careful in selecting sliding patio doors or any other type so that heat loss is minimal and inhabitants do not have to set temperature frequently. According to the experts, following techniques can be followed to reduce heat loss:

  • Place the door opposite to the pat of dominating wind
  • Locate the door on the home’s leeward side
  • Provide windbreaks
  • Use airlock vestibules

Best Door Type- Sliding Patio Doors

With changing trends and increasing homeowners’ needs, sliding patio doors have turned out to be the best option for their natural looks, ability to add freshness, comfort and relaxation. For Canadians, the biggest reason of installing sliding patio doors is their energy efficiency and facility to maximize safety and security.

If a home is already having good conditioned patio doors, it is recommended to replace weather stripping, hardware and door gaskets. Also, homeowners can shut the doors with removable sealants if not working in the winter. However, if the conditions are worse and there is no option but to install new models, experts suggest to make a decision right away so that future problems can be minimized. For this, people have to consider various factors of sliding patio doors, including:

  • Well-insulated cores
  • Fiberglass, vinyl, thermally broken or wooden metal frames
  • Maintenance-free framing materials
  • Low air leakage
  • High performance glazing

By considering these factors, homeowners will be able to enjoy various benefits that do not only enhance beauty of the home but, also add safety and security to the home. The best thing about sliding patio doors is their ability to prevent burglars from invading into the homes. Homeowners can be rest assured about their valuables and other belongings.

After making the decision to install patio doors, home improvement experts suggest to remember a few tips that can transform the entire look of their homes:

  • Type of material for cultivating high insulating value
  • Weather stripping fabricated with long lasting and flexible material
  • High Energy Rating (ER) for maximum air space
  • Low air leakage rate
  • Maintenance-free framing material