With escalating real estate prices, homes are getting smaller by the day. If you have a house in Austin, you should consider making the most of the space, and that includes outdoor areas like patios and decks. J P Hobbs, Inc, which specializes in patio blinds, has a whole range of roll-up blinds to choose from. What’s even better is the fact that the company is offering incredible deals and discounts for residential customers. In this post, let’s take a look at what you can expect from their services and the choices.

Manual vs. motorized

J P Hobbs, Inc deals with roll-up blinds both in commercial and residential sectors. No matter where you are located in Austin, the company can come over and offer all the assistance required for the installation process. When we talked to their experts about the best choice, they agreed that manual roll down patio shades work better, although they also offer motorized choices for the commercial sector. The experts mentioned that the motorized roll down patio shades are expensive considerably and don’t necessarily mean a better deal, especially for smaller homes. The company also assured that the manual roll down patio shades work as good and are much easy to maintain.

Working with J P Hobbs, Inc

If you are confused about selecting outdoor shades for your home, fret not. The experts of J P Hobbs, Inc will come over and help with the products. Austin outdoor shades offered by the company are designed to meet all kinds of requirements. For the windows, they have solar window screens, which ensure that harmful sunrays don’t enter your home. However, solar window screens are more expensive and many homeowners believe that outdoor shades can be used over the windows as a replacement – an option that J P Hobbs, Inc doesn’t recommend. The hem bar for the outdoor shades is heavy and can break the glass.

Their team checks every aspect of your home, including the sun directions and can offer a solution that’s customized to meet your requirements. Additionally, you will get an estimate and all the relevant installation costs included, so there is no room for hidden charges.

Grab the best deals

When it comes to getting the best deals on Round Rock TX solar screens and other products, J P Hobbs, Inc is the first choice in Austin for many customers. They prefer the kind of transparency that the company offers, and what’s even better is the range of discounts that they provide. The company is more than willing to offer references, and you can get an idea of their work and price range on their website. In case you order solar screens and outdoor shades at the same time, you can expect to get additional offers and discounts too.

Check with J P Hobbs, Inc now to get a better idea of what they can do to block and control light in different parts of your home. Don’t forget to get an estimate and free consultation.