In metropolitan cities or the big cities, there is a huge crisis of parking space. The vehicles are parked in the basement, on footpaths and also one above another. This is done, in-order to use the maximum space available for parking.

Now, to make the process of parking smooth, hassle free and effortless, the car park systems are available in the market. It is a system that multiplies the capacity of parking in the lot. Mostly it is powered by the hydraulic and electric motor.

By using the system, multi parking of vehicles can be done in a smooth and easy manner.

Automated parking is the part of building management system

Yes, in Thailand, this is a part of building management, the numbers of four wheelers are increasing and the parking space is decreasing. This is the reason that developers have come up with this concept of parking.

In the automated parking system, owner of the vehicle leaves the key with the parking in-charge and the in-charge tows the car with the help of the machine and park the vehicle in the multiple parking spaces.

Advantages of the multiple parking systems are

  • It reduces the parking space; one car parking space can be used for multiple car parking.
  • Reduces pollution in the parking area, as the vehicle does have to wander around to look for a space.
  • Increase green space, the ground place occupied by vehicle can be used for creating parks.

So, these are some of the advantages of multiple car parking. To know more about this system, you can get in touch with experts of this industry. And for his help of online directory can be taken. The directory carries all the information about building and construction industry from civil engineers to electrical suppliers.