When you think of rejuvenating your property’s outdoor space it can seem as though you’ll have to spend thousands of pounds to achieve a refreshing and stylish look.

Despite the array of makeover shows on television that have budgets we can only dream of and a small army to effect a change in a domestic setting you can transform your space in a day or two without spending a lot of cash.

There are some highly cost effective landscaping materials options and arguably the most inexpensive is gravel in its various sizes, shapes and colours.

You can change a dead space into a vibrant, classic or restful one by simply installing gravel. For example, that concrete path can be warmed instantly with character-rich gravel.

Using a local material means that manufacturer of outdoor furniture and the product can sit within many garden concepts because it is natural, versatile and elegant.

  • Paths
  • Edging borders
  • Features
  • Mulching in pots and flowerbeds
  • Around ponds
  • Around drainage pipes
  • Driveways

Cotswold Chippings are 20mm angular and buff stones so they compliment planting.

Whether you have a large expanse or a small yard the amount that you need can be supplied by professional stone and gravel suppliers like Rivar Sand and Gravel in Thatcham, Windlesham and Tadley.

Cotswold Chippings are available in 14mm but these tend to be a special order whilst the 20mm can be taken home immediately.

Stone and gravel bags of 450kg and 900kg are stocked by experts and one tonne covers approximately 12 metres squared when laid around 2 inches thick.

To accent gravel people often use sandstone paving and if your taste isn’t for gravel then here too sandstone paving may hold the answer in an exquisite manner.

Like gravel, sandstone paving lends itself to paths and driveways and the materials can be used for a patio or barbeque area.

Sandstone paving slabs in grey or green will prove to be a fine background to the planting within a space whilst using a sandstone paving circle as an enchanting and eye catching feature is a way to enliven a space with warm shades of browns, gold, pinks and buff.

Taking Rivar Sand and Gravel’s value sandstone paving as an example, you can lay a path or cover an area of 13.65 metres squared.

The slabs are not calibrated so they have an uneven appearance. The slabs are supplied in several sizes in a pack so that you can use the sandstone paving to its best effect in your space; that’s full flexibility for under £270.

Sizes within the pack are:

285mm X 285mm

570mm x 285mm

570mm x 570mm

855mm x 570mm

The delightful Raj Green Sandstone 3.6 Metre Diameter Circle is lightly riven and charming. It’s an ethically sourced material that works splendidly as a contrast or to compliment garden furniture, planting and gravel.

A few hours of landscaping effort and a small expense deliver wonderful results.