Onze freehold at Tanjong Pagar Chinatown is an apartment that has 56 residential units in an 18 story building and 13 retails shops in the 1st floor.


Benefits with Onze:

  • Just 5 mins. walk to Tanjong Pagar MRTOnze a freehold  at Tanjong Pagar
  • A rare freehold unit in the prime 2nd district
  • A very sought after address that many people want to get
  • Near business hubs and entertainment areas like Orchard, Marina Bay and Sentosa
  • Under a credible developer
  • Open for foreigners

In general apartments are one of the best things that you can associate modern living and city life in a nutshell. It’s a building, it makes sense with the space where it stood, it has many amenities for the city dwellers like pools, indoor parks, gym, badminton or basketball court, near malls, markets, MRT, bus stops, schools, even hardware stores and are open for foreigners who are working in Singapore.

Basically it’s in strategic locations that are near to important things. Singapore understand this growing need that is why it has come to this right now and it’s only wise as Singapore has a business district everywhere, it has a small land area than other places because basically it’s a city and it understood the needs to cater to all the people that is working and living in it both local and foreign.

If you compare this to other places, it’s a very good and fair deal and you can expect more of this and this will be the new norm in the future because as the country/ city becomes more jam packed with people and establishments, the fight for spaces will be steep so it would be a good investment where in the spaces aren’t really that small. If you have seen Tokyo and their mini apartments that might possibly happen in the future.


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