The use of asbestos has declined significantly since the late 1970s. This is when the US banned the spray and the use of asbestosis in different other ways. Although the use of asbestos has declined, there is still so much asbestos in circulation. Many older homes also contain asbestos. Many homes and public structures that were constructed up to the 1970s contain asbestos. That means buildings such as public structures, schools, homes and office buildings with an old record might expose people to the risk of containing asbestos. There are many places that asbestos can be found in many homes. Here are some of the places that asbestos can be found

The steam pipes, furnace ducts, and boilers

The first place to expect asbestos is in the steam pipes, furnace duct, and the boiler. These are some of the products that are always insulated by asbestos. The insulation is called the asbestos blanket or asbestos paper tape. If these products or material gets damaged, they might be forced to expose asbestos to the environment. We all know that after the exposure, the released asbestos fiber might cause serious health diseases to the people affected. To abate asbestos, consider hiring an asbestos survey and abatement company.

Floor tiles

Floor tiles are also another place that you should always expect to find asbestos in your home. A good example of floor tiles with asbestos includes rubber, vinyl asbestos, and asphalt. The backing on adhesives and vinyl sheet flooring can release asbestos fibers that can be harmful to the people surrounding it. It is therefore very important to avoid interfering with the material or damaging it.

Cement sheets, the paper used as insulation, and millboard

If you are planning to repair appliances and removing them, be careful as they can be having traces of asbestos. If you have any insulation in your house, it is very vital to avoid any kind of tearing, sawing, and even drilling into them. Remember, any kind of disturbance can release the toxin into the environment.


Another place that you are also likely to find asbestos is in the roofing. Although the shingles and the roofing’s contains asbestos, they are not likely to release asbestos to the environment unless they have been cut out, drilled, or even sawed.

Joint compounds and patching

Asbestos can also be found in walls, in the ceiling, and in-wall paints. If you do not want the asbestos to be released into the environment, it is best if you stayed away from sanding and drilling. If you are not very sure of whether asbestos is present in your ceiling, you paint and walls, it is best if you look for some experts who will help you find out by conducting an asbestos test through the help of an asbestos testing company.

The door gasket

Asbestos can also be present indoor gadgets, in coal stoves and wood stoves. If your seals are worn, there is a likelihood that they will release asbestos into the environment. If you notice that your stove, furnace, and coal stove is getting won out, make an initiative to let an expert fix it for you without exposing your family.