Your home’s plumbing system is probably the most important system of your home. When the electric system stops working for a few hours, it’s still possible to be comfortable. But a faulty plumbing system can wreak havoc on your home. A mere unclean drain can clog toilet leading to instability for a couple of days and so on. And while you may be tempted to fix it or call a plumber, what will you do if your basement or bathrooms start flooding in the middle of the night? Hence, preventing such disasters is much better than curing them.

Read on and you’ll learn how to prevent these disasters and also some quick fixes.

Check Leakage

Leaks are something that you need to check for periodically. Check your faucets, sinks, toilet and bathtub first as these are most likely to have leakage. then check any appliances that are connected to the plumbing system, e.g. a dishwasher, etc. and make sure there aren’t any leaks. If there are any leaks in the appliances, call the customer service of the product to fix it, but if the leak is in the pipe connecting to it, then you can fix it yourself or call a plumber. Leaks in pipes and hoses are easy to fix as you can just apply a bit of flex seal or flex tape and seal it in seconds. You may need to call an expert to fix the leaks in the bathroom or kitchen faucets. However, if left unchecked, a leak can cost you a fortune with the damage it can do to your home. Hence, it’s necessary to check for leaks once every two weeks.

Prevent Clogging in Your Drains

Toilets are meant to take in a certain kind of waste only – human waste and toilet paper. But, if you start throwing down other things as well, it will cause a disaster. Discarding other wastes in the toilet can cause a severe buildup of these and cause your toilets to overflow due to clogged drains. The same rule applies to your sinks. Try to avoid pouring down the grease and fats after cooking down your kitchen sink as after cooling, the grease can cause a clog. Also, avoid putting really fibrous food wastes down your garbage disposal as they can mess with the system.

Call a Plumber

This applies to whenever you may have any small plumbing problem. Do not try to fix it yourself unless you are absolutely sure of what you need to do, call a plumber. Most plumbing disasters are caused when people try DIY plumbing without the proper training.