Maintaining the plumbing system in your house isn’t as difficult as you might think. If you are not careful about the items that you throw in your toilet, there’s a big chance that the solid items will get stuck somewhere down the drain pipes and will eventually cause a blockage. A blockage in the drain pipes could eventually prove to be a very serious problem. Pressure in the pipes will continue to build up, and will eventually cause the pipes to burst. If a drain pipe bursts in your house, it will leak wastewater through your walls or under your floors. This will ultimately become a serious sanitary hazard, so it’s important that you take action and unblock clogged drain pipes as quickly as possible. Here are some of the many techniques used for unblocking drain pipes.

Jet Washing

One of the most common methods used for unblocking drain pipes is the jet washing method. If a solid item is stuck somewhere in a drain pipe, the first thing you should do is to contact a drain cleaning company. If you want to unblock drain in Cambridge, you can search online for a local company that offers drain unblocking services. The company will then send over a team to your place to unblock the drain.

Most people think that simply using a plunger is enough to unblock a clogged drain. However, plungers are only effective if the blockage is near the mouth of the pipe. If the blockage occurs somewhere in the middle of the drain pipes, the plunger won’t be as effective. The company will first use a small camera to check for the exact location of the blockage, and will then connect a jet washer to the drain pipes. The jet washer basically forces water down the drain pipes at a high pressure, and can eventually remove whatever is causing the blockage. Jet washing is perhaps the most common method used by plumbing companies in order to remove a blockage in a drain pipe.

Acid Pumping

Another common method used for unblocking drain pipes is acid pumping. Basically, the company pumps strong acids down the drain pipes to try to remove the blockage. The acid will completely melt whatever is blocking the drain pipe. This is a pretty effective method if the drain pipes are blocked by hair or a build-up of grease. The acid will completely clean the drain pipes and restore smooth water flow. If you notice pressure building up in your drain pipes, it’s highly recommended that you contact a local company for an inspection. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to managing your drain pipes.