To be successful architecture firms in Singapore, it is vital to have good qualities that attract new clients and retain the existing ones. The three main qualities that we could see in most successful architecture business include having specialisation, patience and giving achievable promises to clients.

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Being specialised

For the sake of diversification, there are many architects out there that spread their workload across different building types as to target as many market as possible. This might attract clients with different needs, however too much diversification weakens your image and dilutes your brand. Prospects or clients will find it difficult to recognise and perceive a specific firm as a market leader. To have a stronger architecture brand image, it is essential for a company to determine their specialisation and focus on the main kind of projects they want to bring to clients. For instance, the main specialisation of an architecture company could be residential projects, while commercial being the secondary ones. It is imperative to focus on the primary ones and plan the marketing strategy emphasising on the primary projects. An architecture firm that is centered and focused will build a stronger confidence among clients.


A team of professionals with patience

Besides an arsenal of professionalism and experience, patience is essential in the designing industry too. An efficient architecture process is all about decision-making. There are people who are better at making decisions and also those who hesitate and change their mind a lot. If you encounter the latter clients, make sure you take a step back and think from their perspective in order to understand the source of delay. A successful architecture practitioner will corporate with the clients and deal problems professionally, he knows well that being frustrated is not the way out.


Leading architecture firms do not overpromise the clients

The two key elements towards the success in any business are under-promising and over-delivering. A professional firm, in order to close deals, will not simply overpromise the client. They will ensure the promises are achievable and doable within the promised deadlines. A business relationship could be destroyed simply by missing deadlines or the work delivered is not up to clients’ expectations. Hence, it is important to communicate and manage clients’ expectation accordingly. Here is a trick for you to achieve a bigger success: promising a delivery in 4 weeks and delivering in 2 weeks will impress clients, who knows they might refer more clients to you?