Bathroom renovations are quite challenging and time-consuming task especially if it is for a kid’s room. You need to take care of many things such as safety, convenience and the likes of the kid. The changes you do should be practical yet appealing to the kid as the choices among kids change after every one or two years. So, you need to be really careful and creative while brainstorming and finalizing your favorite bathroom décor ideas for the child’s room.

Choosing the right theme and lights can be a great start. Apart from these two essential aspects, you need to consider below mentioned points.

  • Create a theme-

Some kids love specific themes. So, renovate their bathroom accordingly. Try setting up matching curtains, towels and floor mats.

  • Paint the walls with a fresh color-

Avoid opting forthose old beige colors, which you love in your room. Instead go for some vibrantcolors such as bright yellow, orange, etc which will make the look refreshing. Even let them choose their preferred color and paint it accordingly. When there are tiles, try sticking wall arts which won’t damage your tiles too.

  • Make things accessible-

Arrange their necessary and daily needed things at a suitable height so that the kids may not need your help to pull out their brush or soap. Everything should be easily accessible for the kids. Children love to carry out the task by themselves such as brushing, washingtheir hands, etc. You may fix the corner shelves at a lower height. Or you can place a step stool.

  • Storage-

Here storage plays an important role. Bathroom storage is really important. All stuffsuch as their bath toys towels, soaps need theright place. So, you can create kid-friendly compartments in the bathroom. Thus, the kid will learn to place the things at their proper place.

  • Replace your shower with a bathtub-

All kids love bathtub. Showers can be risky for the little ones. So, install a bathtub whichis not too big and too small. You can checkout various stores for the right size and color you need.

  • Stay safe-

Try putting up thehands-free faucet, which must be set at comfortable, safe water temperature. Consider installing safety grab bars next to the bath and toilet. Non-skid flooring is also very important which adds another layer of safety beneficial for people of all ages. Make a small storage compartment for cleansers and other products at a high place where kids won’t be able to reach.

  • Place funky mirrors-

Today, you will find mirrors in different shapes. Go for the one which suits your theme and place it accordingly.

The bathroom décor ideas will have to be changed from time to time as the kids grow. You may find many pocket-friendly and innovative items online which will bring these bathroom ideasinto reality without spending much time and money.