Bathtubs are typically installed during construction of the property, and expectedly, replacement becomes a necessity at some point. Frankly speaking, bathtubs are really cheap these days – You can find a decent choice in about $500. The concern is often related to installation. The first step is to obviously remove the old bathtub, which requires considerable effort and time. Plumbing systems must be changed accordingly, and the bathroom must be remodelled in some cases before the new bathtub is installed. If you don’t want to go for all of that, bathtub refinishing is a quick fix.


What’s bathtub refinishing?

As the name implies, bathtub refinishing is the process of fixing common bathtub issues. This requires scrubbing off the grime, dirt and mineral deposits, fixing the cracks and chips, and checking for tile leaks and damage. Once the surface is ready, a special kind of bonding agent is used to add the final finish. The process can take time in some cases, depending on the extent of the damage. You can click here to know more on the steps involved in bathtub refinishing. If all is right, you can expect to use the bathroom in like four days or so.

The good and bad

First and foremost, bathtub refinishing is an easy process. If you just have a few surface stains, you can try one of the DIY kits that come handy for scrubbing and cleaning the top surface. However, when the damage is severe and has impacted the structure of the bathtub, calling up one of the professional services is a good idea. Professionals will do exactly the steps as mentioned earlier. If done right, you can expect the results of bathtub refinishing to last for a decade or even more, depending on the extent of damage. There is no denying that refinishing is a better choice for homeowners don’t want to invest in a new bathtub right away.

On the flip side, not all bathtub refinishing services are equal, so you need to do your homework right to get the expected returns. Terms like refinishing and re-glazing or even refurbishing can mean different things to different services, so you need to check what they plan to offer for the estimate. You can get more info online on websites of such companies.

Things to note

Always hire a known and reliable service for your bathtub refinishing needs. As required, you can check on Google to find listings in your area. The right company will check the condition of the bathtub before offering an estimate, although a fixed price isn’t a bad deal at all. You also need to be sure that the concerned company will be available to take calls and offers assurance on the work done. Some bathtub refinishing services use proprietary products, which can prolong the benefits or results, so check for that. To know the company better, you can also ask for references.

Ask the relevant questions and make sure that the company will work on the bathtub refinishing job on a deadline.