You should also consider whether you are looking for genuine rattan lounge furniture or garden furniture, or whether you would benefit from a manmade alternative. Genuine rattan is less weatherproof than its manmade counterparts, meaning that it will age more quickly. Rattan substitutes tend to be made from natural plastics, which are high in quality and designed to both look and feel like genuine rattan – but with a greater level of durability.
Be sure also to consider the function of the furniture before buying – you may wish to buy furniture that will suit both an indoor and an outdoor space, which will give you greater versatility. When buying rattan or wicker garden furniture, it is important to find a style that best suits your environment. There are many different options available, including armchairs, benches, dining sets, chairs and more. Many will come with cushions, which are the only element that needs to be taken inside: the rattan itself is waterproof, and needs very little maintenance bar the occasional clean.

A beautiful outdoor space doesn’t have to mean acres of manicured gardens (though it can!) – a stunning idyll outside can be created just as effectively with minimal space and minimal cost. We have a wide range of garden furniture designed to help you enjoy and truly cultivate the garden space you’ve got. Here are our top tips for making the most of your own patch of ‘great outdoors’:

Organise Your Outdoor Lighting

What better way to make the best of balmy summer evenings or maximise the soft autumnal light than with a great outdoor lighting strategy? We all too often waste our outdoor space, but illuminating pathways and gardens helps to extend the use of gardens on warmer evenings and creates a beautifully atmospheric effect when the weather begins to chill.

Add Some Decking

This is a great option for smaller gardens, especially when accompanied by a great seating plan. Even the tiniest of spaces can be perked up with dedicated areas for relaxation, and the choices of decking and patio options are almost limitless, meaning there’s no excuse not to give your outdoor space a quick and simple lift.

Include Plants and Flowers

Never underestimate the stunning effect of a few carefully chosen plants to the look and feel of any outdoor space. Whatever your preferences and possibilities, there is an option to suit – from potted plants to climbing vine varieties which enable you to breathe new life into your outdoor areas without diminishing existing space.

Invest in Some Garden Furniture

At Abreo we are dedicated to making your space functional and beautiful. We specialise in stunning rattan furniture to create a beautiful, natural look which is eternally chic. Rattan is crafted from a light, durable woven material which has long made it a classic and popular choice for outdoor tables and chairs, as it is flexible enough to be made into almost any shape and design.

Rattan garden furniture will be a wonderful summer edition to the garden. Upon delivery of the package you may have the question on how to assemble the furniture. Though it comes with instruction for assembling in can be a puzzle. If you follow some tips with along with the instruction, it can help to make the process a lot easier for you. Below we have shared some useful tips which will help you to assemble the furniture like a pro.
Here are some basic instructions that you need to follow while assembling any rattan garden furniture set :

• Separate and identify all parts. Make sure you have all the parts listed in the instruction.
• Assemble step by step and follow the instructions
• Assemble on a soft mat to avoid any scratches
• Do not tighten the screws completely until assembly is completed.

Tips to Assemble Rattan Garden Furniture:

Check the Package

It may sound strange but an outside damage to the package may lead to damage to your rattan furniture. Always check for dents as well as water damage in the package.

Make sure everything you need is all there

For any garden set which assembly is involved it is important to make sure everything you need for assembly is there. Open the box and take out all the pieces. This will help you to know if any piece is missing. Though most companies make sure this type of mistakes doesn’t occur but mistakes do happen. Also, make sure you have a lot of space so that you can see all the pieces together at the same time. It is better to assemble the set on a flat surface rather than grass so that you don’t lose any tiny pieces in the lawn.