Granite is a popular material used for kitchen countertops today, and it is easy to know why. One look and you will be attracted easily by its stunning appearance. The beauty of granite is beyond its natural appeal. When you learn about its many advantages and staying power, you will understand why it has become an in-demand home remodelling material.


The main reason granite is a top choice for kitchen countertops, counters and other surfaces is its durability due to its components. It is literally rock-hard and next to diamond when it comes to harnessing of natural materials. It could possibly be the last countertop you will ever need because it resists scratching, cracking and chipping. Its hardness makes it resist heat as well.


Care for your granite countertop is easy. If properly sealed, there is no need for a fancy cleaner, just warm soapy water will do. Properly sealing of granite upon installation is necessary to resist bacteria and staining so that moisture will not seep into the porous stone. Abrasive cleaners are not advisable because they can scratch the surface and leave stains. There are cleaners made for granite, but using them is not necessary.

Colours and options

Granite offers endless colours and patterns if you want it as kitchen countertop to match your existing room design. If you want the natural variety, browns and tans can be your top choices. Neutral colours such as beige and cream are also popular. You can use granite to mimic marble by using the colours grey and tan. Dark colours such as black are also perfect for that dramatic look. Get a sample from your chosen retailer to see how it works with your kitchen. Whichever you choose, you can be sure your kitchen will remain in style for many years.

Aside from colours, granite offers various options such as backsplashes to protect other surfaces from water damage. An undermount sink is also possible for easy spill management. There are even unique design options if you want your kitchen to stand out.

Long-term investment

If you are looking to remodel your kitchen with granite countertops, it could surely be a worthy investment. They are sturdy and built to last. With proper installation and maintenance, it is a cost-effective solution. Do not be deceived by the common misconception that it is expensive. Compare prices from different companies to get a great deal.


Granite is considered a renewable resource. It does take years to create granite, but many manufacturing firms practice responsible quarrying. In terms of production, it has no harmful chemicals and does not emit toxic gasses or radiation.

Granite works very well in the kitchen especially when installed properly by professionals. It does not just deliver remarkable aesthetics but also exceptional performance. It has qualities that no other material for countertops can match. If you want to take your kitchen to the next level, then consider using some of the best granite kitchen worktops Ireland offers. This material adds value to your home, and it is here to stay.