Bronchitis is a common type of respiratory illness that affects kids and adults of all ages. Initially, the disease may exhibit mild symptoms, but if left untreated, it can exacerbate causing severe health issues and prolonged symptoms. However, many patients complain different types of side effects after administering a full-fledged course of bronchitis drugs that mainly includes NSAIDs. The common side effects include stomach problems, dizziness, heartburn, and acidity. Long-term treatment using strong drugs may lead to more severe issues like liver damage and stomach ulcers. However, there are several expert doctors in Singapore that help their patients by providing proper medication to prevent or alleviate all possible side effects of extensive bronchitis or asthma treatment. You can also find certain clinics in Singapore that help patients to overcome their chronic respiratory issues with minimal or zero drug intake. Although such methods are considered to be safer their effectiveness depends on the expertise of the caregivers or therapists.

How to approach a drug-free bronchitis treatment?

  • Proper diagnosis is quite essential while choosing a drug-free or natural therapy. The type of bronchitis and the exact cause should be clear before adopting any kind of natural treatment regimen.
  • You should choose your treatment based on the severity of the disease. If the symptoms are acute or severe then you might need a combination of natural therapy as well as drug therapy. As you make gradual progress you can wean off the drugs and continue with your drugless techniques.
  • Proper rest is essential for a successful recovery when it comes to respiratory issues like bronchitis or COPD. Timely resting would allow your body to derive maximum benefit from the treatment methods you follow.
  • Before administering any kind of natural medicine or before switching to a drugless therapy you need to consult with your physician and get his approval regarding the safety of the procedure.