Having safety precautions is commonly emphasized, however it is often taken lightly. In any case, while using the help of a ladder to assist you with high elevation or to extend to areas that are difficult to reach, it is extremely important that one understands the safety procedures of using a ladder. In this article, we will discuss some of the safety precautions that one can take while using a ladder.

A few hints for ladder safety:

  • Ensure that your hands are not tied up to any weight and are free to move around so that you can hold on to the ladder while traveling. This is so that if you were to lose your balance, you would still be able to hold on to the ladder for support.
  • You can consider using a belt extension to hold on to your key items while maneuvering up and down the ladder.
  • Keep up a balanced position on the ladder. Try to limit your movement and don’t lean excessively far left or right. Here is a general rule: ensure your belt clasp remains between the ladder’s side rails.
  • Take precaution especially if you are on medication or are feeling unwell.
  • Ensure that your footing is stable and adopt a stable stance whenever you are leaning on the ladder for support. This is appropriate especially if you are performing maintenance works while you are on the ladder.

Things you have to keep in mind:

  • Using the wrong tool to assist you in your work can be a safety breach at times. For instance, if the tool that you are using isn’t competent to help achieve your objectives, you might need to go out of the way just to meet those objectives, and that can lead to certain safety breaches.
  • Consider the scope of work that you would need to perform and then proceed to pick the correct size and design, and make sure to check on the bearings on the steps of the ladder before you climb.
  • Ask yourself: what is the height that you have to reach to?
  • Ask yourself: what amount of weight will the ladder need to hold?
  • Always check the locking system of the ladder before climbing. Make sure you lock the ladder with ground so that it will stick to the ground easily.
  • Do not ever place your ladder upon a chair especially on a revolving chair. It can cause an accident immediately.


What type of ladder is suitable for you that you have to figure it out? Check out various ladders for sale online and choose less complicated one for domestic use. If you are a professional then it is important to do your research and choose a ladder those suits your routine works.