When one wants to maintain a good peaceful environment at home one needs to truly block oneself off from the rest of the world. Some cities can be very noisy and this noise pollution can seriously affect one’s peace of mind. It is not just noise pollution that matters. What is an additional disturbance is the light pollution that affects people. Singapore, for example, is one such city. It is a very vibrant city. But all that nightlife can be very disturbing for someone who wants to sleep after a hard day’s work. To a person like that, it can get very irritating. This need not just be for people who work during the day and sleep in the night. It can be even worse. If a person has a job that requires them to work an odd shift, it becomes even more important to get rest during the day. The worst case of all if a person has an on-call job. This kind of a person needs to go to work whenever he or she is called. This type of a person will try to get rest whenever he or she can. For all of these scenarios it is necessary to cut off the world outside and get some rest. Light entering the house can severely disturb a person’s sleep. It is not just the light either. Even noise needs to be kept out, along with heat from the sun’s rays.

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