You want to do some remodelling but do not want to spend a fortune. Here are a few ideas to help you remodel without busting the budget.


Before even thinking of remodelling, the very first step is to declutter. Go through every room of the house and clean up. Get rid of anything that you don’t use. Time to say goodbye to the wedding gifts you never used, or the set of old pans that you keep just in case you should need them. If something is still in good condition, give them to charity or to someone you know would need them.

Do the same with your furniture. A room that is overstuffed with big furniture looks smaller and is not practical. Sell or give away what furniture is not necessary.


Rearrange your belongings and store everything in its proper place. Be creative. A beautiful basket on a shelf can store hats and mittens. It is practical and decorates at the same time. Rethink the storage in your closets to maximize the space.

Think Smaller

If you can downsize your furniture, it will give the impression of space in the room. Do not rush to make a new purchase. Shop around and wait for the right item at the right price.


Analyze your needs. You need more space in your cabinets. To achieve that, do you need to buy new ones or can you breathe some new life into the old ones? Well organized kitchen cabinets can give you just the extra space you need. Tired of their worn-out look? A fresh coat of paint or new cabinet doors could do the trick.

Think Outside The Box

Do not be too set on your first idea. Try to find an alternate solution. You want to add an extension to the house because you need some extra space. Is it indispensable to build a full extension, or if by bringing down an interior wall you could gain the extra space required? Be careful when doing that. Always consult a contractor before demolishing anything. You do not want to bring down a load-bearing wall or cut through electrical wires. A contractor might cost you a few extra dollars, but it is well worth it and a lot less expensive than building a whole new extension. An online cash loan could help you out if you do not have the necessary funds to pay the contractor.

Do It Yourself

Do as much of the work yourself. There are many do it yourself videos on the internet that can help you out in just about anything. Take advantage of those.

Keep It Simple

Sometimes all a house needs to give it a fresh new look is a fresh coat of paint and some new mouldings. You will be amazed at how much it can change the look of a place! Add a few well-chosen accessories and all of a sudden, you have a fresh new home.