Roofing repairs and new installations should be taken seriously. For many homeowners, the real task is about selecting a good contractor for the job. Below, we have discussed some of the questions that one should ask while working with a roofing service.

  1. How experienced is the service? The number of years a company has been in business is of utmost importance, because it tells a lot about their experience.
  2. Will they offer client references? A roofing company that has been working in the region for more than five years should be open to sharing client references.
  3. Do they have enough testimonials? You may also randomly want to check if the company has good reviews and ratings online, just know what other customers have to say.
  4. Do they hire subcontractors? Regardless of whether it’s a new roof or regular repairs, you need a company that has its own team of experts and doesn’t rely on unknown subcontractors.
  5. Is the company insured? A company needs to have both general liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance.
  6. Do they send experts for site visits? Unless professional roofers have checked the roof and found the possible issues, it is impossible to get ahead with the work, and that’s an expected thing from any company.
  7. Do they offer free estimates? It can be surprising to know that many companies actually charge customers for estimates and site visits, which shouldn’t be the case. Estimates should be offered in advance and for free.
  8. Does the company offer guarantees/warranty? For some of the roofing jobs, especially new installations and extensive repairs, you can expect to get some kind of guarantees/warranty, which covers for immediate damages for a given period.
  9. Do they take steps to protect the garden? Sadly, roofing work can actually involve considerable movement and use of ladders, which can damage the garden. The best roofing contractors will take steps to prevent the same.
  10. Do they take care of rotten wood underneath? For roofing repairs, contractors need to check and offer help for rotten wood underneath the actual roofing. At times, they may do the repairs or may involve a second company to get things done after your approval.
  11. Do they offer a point of contact? You may not be around to overview the work but having a point of contact always helps in knowing the progress.
  12. What’s the expected deadline? Contractors must explain how long it will take to complete the job, and the same must be mentioned in the contract.
  13. Will they focus and find unseen problems? Often roofing problems create additional issues, which must be checked and addressed together. A good contractor will keep a check on all possible and unexpected damages.
  14. Does the company have a physical office? Eventually, if you are not happy with the work done, you would want to take things to the next level. It would impossible to find a contractor if they don’t have an office.

Check these pointers and find a roofing contractor in your area now!