Self storage has become a convenient service for homeowners who have plenty of items to store. A house may be short of space and the cost of relocating to a new bigger house is usually cost prohibitive. In recent years, storage has seen a rapid increase as homeowners wish to solve their storage issues. So how can self storage help with your real estate ownership?

De-clutter the House

When your house is full of things you no longer use on a daily basis, then self storage units can help you get your home back. It is simple to decide which you must store away. You just have to look at the clutter and take into account what you usually use. Everything else can be easily stored away. Things such as garden and sports items are perfect for storage since you may only need them for two to three months.Working from Home

When you run a business or work from home, self storage provides you a clear divide between a work and home life. You can use storage for storing stock (if for instance you run an e-commerce shop) or paperwork you no longer need every day like accounting paperwork or old invoices. A number of storage providers tend to accept deliveries for you.

Moving Home

When you are moving home, you may want to store away some items. Moving from with only the minimal amount of items can help you in making the move easier. And after you are settled in, you can decide to retrieve your belongings from storage at your leisure.



A self storage facility is a safe location for storing your valuables. In case you are confused where to store things at home or do not have a safe at home, a self-storage unit can offer you peace of mind. Just ensure you have sufficient insurance cover in order to cover any valuables that you decide to store away.

Converting your Loft

A lot of homeowners decide to transform their loft into an extra bedroom or living space. Of course, this could mean losing a storage space. With the plenty of options for self storage, you don’t have to be concerned about losing that space because of a loft conversion.



Sometimes, you may want to do extensive renovations to your property and self-storage can be the right way to get your precious possessions out of way of potential damages during the renovation. For items such as a family’s collection or wine or art collections, temporary storage can be the right solution.

Make Room For

Maybe your family is expecting a new addition? Perhaps one of your children will return back home from college. Or a relative or friend has asked to stay in your extra bedroom that you currently use as a storage room. Regardless of the case, you can quickly make a room for the eventuality when you rent a self storage unit and move some of your things there.