For the uninitiated, bathtub reglazing is also known as bathtub refinishing – The process that involves repairing and refinishing an old bathtub. Bathtubs are usually added as a part of initial construction, and with years of use, even the best models can have visible signs of aging, besides chips and cracks. Replacing a bathtub with a new one is extremely expensive and requires many changes within the bathroom, which is why bathtub reglazing seems like a better idea. In this post, let’s talk of the pros and cons of the option.

The advantages

First things first, bathtub refinishing ensures that you don’t have to spend on a new product, which means saving thousands of dollars. The whole process of remodeling and fitting a new bathtub can be really cumbersome, which can be avoided with refinishing that hardly takes any time in comparison. Just in case you are wondering, refinishing does prolong the life of your bathtub by at least five to ten years, especially if you hire the best Houston bathtub refinishers for the job. Additionally, you actually reduce carbon footprint by using the same product for a longer period.

On the flip side

Not all bathtub refinishers and services are the same, so you need to be careful as how you select a service. Secondly, it is best to get an estimate in advance, because there are companies known to charge hidden costs.

DIY vs. professional work

A considerable level of preparation is required for bathtub reglazing and refinishing. From ensuring that the work doesn’t hamper other parts of the house to take care of the basic problems like chips and cracks, reglazing involves considerable work. There are DIY kits in the market now, but most of them are just good for daily cleaning and scrubbing. In short, you need to get the experts for ensuring that the work is done professionally and adds value to your interiors. Companies also often offer an assurance for the refinishing work, often up to 10 years.

Other things to know

When it comes to bathroom reglazing, make sure that you have hired a company that’s experienced and has its own team of refinishers. They should be able to offer a final quote in advance and must work according to the deadline decided. While you don’t need to be present to discuss reglazing or check the work, but it’s better to know the process and ask about the steps involved. If you are new to hiring a company for bathroom refinishing, check their website to find details of their services, and as required, you can get client references, as well. The workers working at your home need to be insured, trained and bonded.

With bathtub refinishing, you can actually save a good amount of money that’s required for replacement, and in the long run, you can choose to spend on a new model when it’s almost impossible to revive the old one. Check online now to shortlist the best services in your area for bathtub refinishing.