Washi Tape is made by the 3M Company that is headquartered in Maplewood, Minn. This company has manufactured a variety of adhesive tapes for many years, but it now also offers Washi Tape that is a trademarked colorful product made from natural materials such as hemp, rice paper or bamboo. Washi Tape is often confused with masking tape, but it looks beautiful, making it useful for a variety of Christmas crafts. Not only are everyday crafters using this decorative tape for their do-it-yourself projects, but also, the teachers in public schools are finding ways for their students to make inventive Christmas decor. Make crafts with Washi Tape is suitable for all age groups, including the senior citizens who live in assisted living environments. Here are a variety of ways to use Washi Tape to make crafts during the holiday season.

1: Make Unique Christmas Ornaments

You can make unique Christmas ornaments using Washi Tape that is made in plain colors such as red, gold and green or in patterns such as candy cane stripes. It is easy to find this specialty tape in local craft stores, or it is possible to order Washi Tape from online retailers at bulk prices. At the same time, you can order other products required for making homemade holiday ornaments such as plain plastic balls or other shapes that are simple to hang on a tree. A teacher or student can cut the Washi tape into sections to create a design on an inexpensive Christmas ornament to use at home or to give as a present.

2: Decorate Plant Containers

When you enjoy decorating your home with tiny live Christmas trees or Poinsettia plants, then the items require a container. Instead of using boring plain clay or plastic pots for your holiday plants, decorate the containers with Washi Tape. Imagine how beautiful a plant will look sitting on a living room’s end table when it has a decorative flowerpot that has colorful Washi Tape designs. Before adding the Washi Tape, you can also paint the flowerpot to make it more beautiful. You can wrap the colorful tape around the flowerpots in a horizontal pattern, or you can stick the tape on it in a vertical design.

3: Create  Front Door Decoration

If you want to decorate the front door of your home for the holidays, then use Washi Tape to create a flat design such as a Christmas tree or wreath. Before beginning this project, place a small piece of tape on the door’s surface and wait for few days before peeling it off. This way you will know if the tape will damage the paint. If the paint comes off, then you can make a decoration using a piece of wood or poster board to hang on the door. When the paint remains in place, it is possible to make a gorgeous door decoration that displays your artistic skills to everyone in the neighborhood.

4: Make Gift Tags and Christmas Cards

You can use thick construction paper to make your own Christmas cards and gift tags. There are numerous Washi Tape colors and designs, so you can use plain white or colorful construction paper for the gift tags or cards. If you have specialty pinking shears, then you can also cut out the cards or gift tags with the items to give the edges a scalloped effect. You can rip sections of Washi Tape easily to create abstract or realistic designs on the front of a gift tag or Christmas card.

5: Use Washi Tape to Decorate Wrapping Paper

When you need to wrap a Christmas gift at the last minute, it is simple to use white tissue paper or a brown paper grocery bag. Cut the paper into the appropriate size before wrapping the gift, and then add gorgeous decorative embellishments with patterned or plain Washi Tape. Your beautiful gift will stand out underneath a Christmas tree at a family get-together or company party.

6: Embellish Hard Foam Shapes for the Holidays

While you are shopping at a local craft store, you can find several types of hard foam shapes in a variety of sizes, including:

  • Christmas trees
  • Snowflakes
  • Gingerbread boys
  • Stockings
  • Wreaths
  • Snowmen
  • Ornaments

Washi tape will stick to these hard foam shapes, and you can find an assortment of patterns and colors to decorate one of these items to use as a tabletop, bookshelf or fireplace mantel ornament.