A dishwasher is one of the hardest working appliances in a lot of households. However, when you don’t use the dishwasher correctly or maintain it properly, it can waste energy and leave your dishes not completely clean. Whether you invest in the LDP6797ST model or another one, you want to make sure your dishwasher works at its best. You can achieve this by avoiding the common mistakes that others make.

These include the following:

Using Extra Detergent

Never think that using too much detergent will ensure your dishes come out extra clean. Doing so will leave a film on your dishes, requiring you to wash the dishes again. Before you use a detergent, read the label on the package. Some products are so concentrated that you need just a few drops for an average load of dishes.

Overcrowding the Dishes

Sure, you want to maximise space when filling the dishwasher; however, this should not mean overfilling it. Overcrowding the dishes will prevent them from getting clean and damage them as they bump into each other. Leave enough space between dishes to everyone can get cleaned properly and safely.

Leaving Too Much Food on Dishes

The most modern dishwashers can effectively remove food residue without the need to prewash the dishes. However, they can still develop issues when cleaning dishes with too much food left on them. Consider scraping the food first to keep the dishwasher running smoothly.

Loading the Machine with Non-Dishwasher Safe Items

Even if dishwashers are miracle machines, they simply cannot work on all items. Do not place wood, delicate glassware, cast-iron, and copper in the dishwasher. Wood tends to split and crack when exposed to the machine’s temperatures, water, and humidity. Also, glassware can break in the machine.

Not Ensuring the Sprayer Has a Full of Range of Motion

Know how your dishwasher’s sprayer works. If you want to best cleaning results, ensure the spray can reach each corner of the machine and clean every dish. When the spray is blocked by a huge bowl or pan, for instance, your dishes won’t be properly cleaned.

Skipping Routine Maintenance

It is important to give your dishwasher the routine maintenance that the owners’ manual suggests. Aside from following any instructions specific to the dishwasher, you must clean and fresh up the machine by running an empty cycle with only a cup of baking soda and 1 ½ cups of vinegar at least every two months. Also, check the drain filter after every few loads and get rid of any food scraps you can find.