You have finally bought a new home and want to set it up now. Your task involves choosing furniture pieces that fit the room they go into. If you do not know what you will need, here are the top picks for those who own a house for the first time:

A Durable Bed

You spend a significant amount of time in your bedroom every day so you want to a bed that will last for the longest time possible. Also, the bed must give you maximum comfort as you try to rest and get that much-needed sleep. If your budget still does not allow you to get a great bed, think about purchasing an air bed for a while. You can place this bed in your guest room later. When you buy a bed, consider the size, surface, and firmness. Maison Tessier has a wide range of beautiful options for everyone.

A High-Quality Dining Table

You will find that the majority of dining tables are rectangular or round in size. But, choose the size and shape depending on the space available. Before investing in a dining table, think about having a plywood tabletop on top of a strong base and have it covered with a decorative floor-length tablecloth. But if you can afford to go all in with your dining table, choose the one made from the highest quality materials.

Appealing Dining Chairs

Apart from serving their main purpose, dining chairs also add beauty and color to your dining room. Pick chairs that are comfortable enough so you can sit on them for a long dinner. If you want inexpensive options, go for wooden chairs but upholstered chairs are definitely more comfortable. For a varying, seasonal look, consider placing a slipcover over your upholstered chairs.

A Comfortable Sofa

You can find sofas in various shapes, fabrics, styles, sizes, and prices. Choose a sofa you can afford but never settle for anything less than a solid hardwood frame, a durable fabric, and 8-way hand-tied springs. If you want a sofa with less maintenance, choose a tight-backed sofa. With this option, you do not need to adjust and straighten the pillows. Pick the length, skirt or no skirt, arm shape, fabric, and the number of cushions.

Useful Drawers

You will need a chest of drawers for your bathroom, bedroom, living room, and even the hallway for storing your essentials.  Choose a classic and flexible piece.

A Flexible Armoire

You can count on this piece of furniture for organizing your clothes, linens, and other stuff as well as hiding your television. This versatile piece can add beauty and offer storage in nearly any room in your home.