If you are like other craft beer enthusiasts, you want to use a growler when taking beer home. A growler’s container often made out of glass, aluminum, or ceramic used for transporting beer. It allows you to take out craft beer without losing quality. If you haven’t been bringing your Growlers Lewisville to the bar, here are great reasons you should do so now:

They are Easy to Transport

Even if growlers are available in various shape and sizes, they come with an easy-to-carry handle. Plus they are not heavy when you fill them with beer. With growlers, the beer stays fresh even when transported because of the airtight composition.

You can Choose from a Variety of Sizes

Typically, growlers are 32 oz to 64 oz. However, you can pick how much you wish to take home, often around 2-4 points in every growler depending on the size you fill.

It Can Hold Its Own for the Weekend

Usually, growlers can last for many days when you keep them cold. But, experts recommend drinking the beer within 24 hours of opening.

It Provides you with Fresh Beet at Home

When you use growlers, the fresh beer you can get from a bar will go home with you. There are no middlemen involved just to get your beer to your fridge. With growlers, you will be able to enjoy your favorite beer from the comfort of your home without worrying about your drive home.

Reduce the Amount of Time For Bottling

If you have been kegging your homebrew, you will appreciate it if you can reduce the time you need to complete the bottling part which involves sanitizing, filling, and capping bottles. Besides, bottles take up plenty of space and are not easy to sanitize and clean. Because of this, you want to keep growlers o hand for bottling day. This way, you don’t spend as much as time as you would when using bottles. Give your growlers a good rinse when they are empty and use soap and warm water to complete the cleaning.

Stainless Steel Protects the Beer from Light

Light is beer’s enemy and they are often kept in dark green or brown bottles to prevent sunlight from affecting their contents. But, stainless steel growlers eliminate the worry about light getting in. A double-wall growler offers superior insulation but even a standard single-wall steel growler can already keep the beer cold while being transported from the brewery or bar to your house.