You do not have to spend a fortune to make your interior look like a castle. One of the most common misconceptions about interior decorating is that you have to break your piggy bank to give a spectacular appearance to the rooms of the house

His thing? Have an innovative vision and flexibility in relation to the end goal. “Obviously, knowing some techniques to deceive the eye is also an advantage,” the expert says. He presents five basic elements that must be taken into account when trying to change the appearance of a room. The office fit out services are essential there.

Maximize space

One or two elements that catch the eye in a room, like an oversized canvas. This is often enough to enhance the appearance of the entire interior space. And of course, the less you spend, the more you save.

To take advantage of the size of your apartment, try these proven techniques:

Make kitchen cabinets that go to the ceiling.Transform a wall into a mirror: this method can give the illusion of doubling the size of a 70 square meter apartment.Find as much storage space as possible: for example, remove the legs of a couch to convert it into storage space.

Pro tip: a piece can look great. But if it is not practical, you will have to spend even more to create storage space.Changing the use of a property you already have is a good way to save money. He gives the example of tablets that he glued together to form a large vertical shelf lit from behind by a $ 40 neon lamp. A decorative piece of style, as unique as it is unique.

Here are some tips to get the most out of your money:

Do not be too quick to decide to remove the wood floor. “You can sand it, apply a stain and revarnish. You’ll get a rich finish for thousands of dollars less.

  • Use your old kitchen cabinets to make a custom modular wall assembly.
  • Turn a table top into an original partition between two rooms.

Pro’s advice: do not scatter. Invest money where it matters most.

Think design

We often encounter delicate situations like narrow and bizarre corners, beams that can hinder our aesthetic goals.

Pro advice: It can be more advantageous to demolish an annoying wall than to try to work around it.

Play with lighting

Lighting is an inexpensive way to create the surprise element in your interior space. It is also a technique commonly used by photographers of interior design magazines.

Pro Tip: Some well-placed bulbs can give an ordinary room an extraordinary look.

Buy efficiently and wisely

He recommends doing your research online instead of going from one store to another. If you do not find anything to your taste, you do not waste time moving around. You can also browse magazines and look for a distributor who offers the same products for less.

Favor dark shades, earth colors that never go out of style. On the other hand, brightly colored objects can be flamboyant and are generally less expensive to buy and easier to replace.