The thing about serviced apartment is that they are so much like hotels because just like any luxury hotels, luxury serviced apartments has everything that you can experience in a luxury hotel but has much space to give perfect for any person that prefers to have more.

luxury serviced apartment Singapore

Staying in luxury

When you say “luxury” it has a distinct ring to it that if you or your company can afford it for your stay in it’s a different place and what I mean is like you will be treated as royalty in that place and the service is world class, it’s like you’re a kid again in a grown up world and people are just spoiling you to have more or  you are like an international sensation, a rock star like the Foo Fighters, Maroon 5, 30 Seconds to Mars, Black Sabbath, Metallica  that has sold millions and even billions of records worldwide and when you go down to your tour bus you get the best hotel rooms (presidential suite) to party and get wasted all night and people will leave you alone because you are that popular and pretty much you can do whatever you want.

Maybe that last definition was too much on how you act but the luxury is definitely there, and when you say a luxury serviced apartment Singapore nothing speaks more than that like Oakwood. They have the best facilities, the best looking apartment that you will certainly drool when you see it in person and has all the comfort and treatment that you can only find in a luxury hotel.


Who said staying in a foreign place can be plain and mediocre? In Singapore and in Oakwood in Particular they know what you need, they have various international branches across the globe and they certainly know their market and where you are coming from. If you avail their service you are in the perfect location in Singapore, the Orchard road. The best location for any business, food and almost anything in Singapore, if your workplace is not a walking distance it certainly is just a few minutes away from your work place. So don’t waste any more time looking for other places and reserve a place now in Oakwood, you won’t regret it.