Spring is coming, and if you are dying for some warmth and life in your townhouse or luxury apartment, you may be considering some redecorating. Spring is an excellent time to bring in some fresh colors and décor to your space. Here are some tips to help you do it in style.

Start with Plants

If you don’t already have houseplants in your apartment home, try bringing some in this spring. This will make the home suddenly feel more alive and vibrant, and if you choose flowering varieties, you can enjoy fresh flowers in the home for spring as well. Live plants also have health benefits that you can enjoy by introducing them into your home this spring.

Add Pops of Pastel

Nothing says spring quite like pastel, so pick your favorite shade, then add some pops of color around your space. From throw pillows to a vase full of fake flowers, you can find many creative ways to give a nod to these spring hues, without making your entire home look like a giant Easter egg.

Add some White

If your spring décor means a new bedspread in your master bedroom, consider going with white. White is easy to decorate for all seasons with coordinating throw pillows and even a throw blanket and you will find that the lighter color brightens up your space significantly in anticipation of warmer spring weather.

Embrace Some Wicker

Wicker brings to mind thoughts of picnics in the meadow and time spent outdoors, and it is a great way to update and organize your space with a touch of spring. The texture has a natural feel that brings to mind the outdoors, and the containers will give you some additional storage space at the same time.

Lighten Your Window Coverings

Do your windows have heavy drapes? Let in the bright spring sunshine by swapping them out for a lighter weight fabric. The addition of sheer curtains will make your space feel light and airy, which is perfect for spring.

Add a Spring Garland

Spring garlands of flowers and greens are easy to hang throughout your space, and they will lend a festive feel to your home as you prepare to embrace the season. Drape these on your mantle, hang them over your vanity, or decorate the top of your kitchen cabinets with them.

It is not difficult to embrace spring in your home this year. If you are ready to let go of winter and welcome warmer weather, take a little time to add some spring touches to your space. These ideas will get you off to a good start.