Synthetic surfaces have been around long enough for the industry to refer to the current quality product as one of the later generations. What this means for the customer is that the sports fields and courts today offer a surface that is considerably improved over the first large-scale use: the Astrodome in Houston, Texas (1965).

Because that sports stadium had a roof, it wasn’t possible to maintain a lush grass surface necessary for professional baseball. Owners and engineers soon solved that problem by creating a green carpet made with nylon fibre. A different material was used to give European fields a softer surface than the type used in Texas. Innovation brought an improved carpet-like field with tufts that were more widely separated. This gave a look and feel that was much more like natural grass.

Gradual Acceptance

As years passed, more schools and organisations adopted the idea of synthetic playing surfaces. The growth was gradual until the development of an even better product in the 1990s. In fact, people familiar with the technology and those who play on it say the newest products don’t have much in common with earlier fields. The under-surface is more like sand and the fibre provides a very natural feel for the player. The appearance is much more like natural grass.

One of the leading suppliers of synthetic grass surfaces now brings almost a half century of experience to their valued customers. They are experts in design and construction of sports grounds and tennis courts with private clients, clubs, schools, and other organisations enjoying the latest technology. In nearly five decades, they have installed thousands of surfaces now used for a wide variety of sports and outdoor activities.

Visit the website to see some examples of their work presented in brilliant colour. Learn more about the variety of layouts and designs offered and take some time to read testimonials from past and current customers. You may want to devote some time to reading some of the case studies to see how they have served specific customers with distinct needs.

Experience Counts

One of the key elements of the extensive website is the maintenance page, which the company uses to remind clients that regular attention is necessary for the surface to provide top performance through the year. Special equipment is used to perform maintenance activities from grooming to cleaning the infill. A set schedule for these maintenance tasks will ensure that your synthetic surface is always in its best condition.

When you work with the experts in this industry, you have a partner that has constructed fields in dozens of countries from the Maldives and New Caledonia to Germany, China, and New Zealand. They always use state-of-the-art equipment to complete each project. Surfaces are designed and installed to meet international requirements of all major sports organisations.

If your school, club, or organisation is planning for a new sports field, tennis court, or outdoor activity space, you would be wise to get in touch with these leading professionals. After you browse the website, be sure to talk with a representative to discuss your specific needs.