A loft is an upper storey in a building. It is mainly used to store items that are no longer needed in the main house. The items can include; old books, toys, CDs, paintings etc. Having a loft ladder makes it easy to access the loft. There are many types of amazing ladders leading to the loft. They comprise of; Sliding, Concertina, Folding, telescopic and electric. These ladders are made of aluminium, steel, timber, and wood.

The following are a breakdown of each of the ladder;

  1. Sliding loft ladders

These are the easiest ladders to fit and use. They are attached to the joist inside your loft and they usually come as two or three section ladders. They don’t come with a loft hatch supplied but can come with a kit which can allow you to convert your existing hatch into a hinged hatch. Sliding loft ladders are made of aluminium, and are designed for minimal usage.

  1. Concertina Loft ladder

These ladders are space savers. They require no clearance or storage space in your loft. They also have a small landing space requirements. They are a bit costly considering their benefits.

They also offer the option of adjusting the pitch, allowing them to be used in a limited space. They have deeper tread than usual, so they provide extra safety.

  1. Folding ladders

These ladders are easy to use. The unit folds up, usually in two to three sections which end up stacked on top of one another on the loft hatch when fully closed. The most preferred and widely used is the timber folding ladder. This is because they tend to be quieter and smoother to operate than aluminium ladders. They feel secure and robust.

Good quality timber loft ladders usually come with a frame and a loft hatch attached ready to be fixed in your loft opening. They have locks which hold the ladder in a closed or locked position, and are usually in springs to make them easy to lower or raise.

You are supposed to make your loft opening the size needed by the hatch supplied. The hatch comes in different sizes, but you should be able to find the one which suits your dimensions that will make your gaining access to the loft quite easily.

  1. Telescopic Loft Ladders

These ladders have the same space utilisation features as concertina ladders. They offer a perfect balance of form and function. They can fit perfectly in minimal space. They look great as well.

Its main advantage though is the price. Its reasonable price plus the simpler design makes it a better value ladder. If you have a smaller space and the floor to floor height is between 2100 to 2800 mm, then a telescopic loft ladder is the most ideal for you.

  1. Electric loft ladders

These ladders come in two different forms; semi-automatic and fully electric. They mostly work the same way as folding loft ladders. The only difference is that with the press of a button, the ladder will unfold its self.