Home decor trends come and go, but if it’s time for your dining room to get un upgrade, it pays to see what’s popular right now. Your dining room is a place where you enjoy meals and time spent with family and friends, so it should reflect your personality and be both comfortable and welcoming. Here’s how to style your dining room for the most modern look.

Sleek and White

A sleek white dining room is the epitome of modern and it’s easy to achieve this look with high gloss dining tables in white. Combined with white walls, you have the perfect palette for a modern look. You can then add a bit of colour via the cushions on the chairs and the art on the walls. Try subtle blues or a pop of orange, both of which will enhance your modern dining room.

Reclaimed Wood

You’ll see reclaimed wood in many modern dining rooms and its prevalence on home design shows proves how much people love it. A reclaimed dining room table is a great way to make it the centrepiece of the room, but you can also use it beams for a modern farmhouse feel. Leave it in its natural form for the most modern look. It’s a great backdrop for the colours you choose to bring into your dining room.

Lanterns for Lighting

A laid-back feel is trending in dining rooms right now and you can help move yours away from a formal feel by swapping out a single chandelier for a couple of lanterns over the dining room table. Brass is enjoying a moment, but wood and other metals also look great, so choose what melds with your decor. You can even choose something like wicker or plastic if you like it best.


Wallpaper is another design element that more and more interior decorators are using in dining rooms. It’s typically only used on one wall to make a statement and many people are opting for large prints with lots of colour to bring life and personality to a room. You can go with something more understated if you prefer and still achieve the same feel in your dining space.

Vintage Furniture

It might seem strange, but vintage furniture is a modern trend and something that you can experiment with in your dining room. The trick is to choose just a few vintage elements and blend them in with newer pieces so you achieve the mix and match look that so many people love right now. High gloss dining tables with some dayglo orange lamps are an excellent base for a 60’s theme.


It doesn’t seem like a nautical theme will ever go out of style and it’s a fantastic look for a beachy feeling dining room, even in the middle of the city. Blues and whites are the best foundation for this theme, but you can add in wicker, rope, and sisal to help bring it to life. Light woods and subtle hints of green are other good ways to bring the beach look to your modern dining room.