A quick walk outdoors or a few minutes of contact with the sun is the instinctive solution to destress, calm down and unwind. It is the natural light outdoors that rejuvenates and regulates the body’s performance, mood and cognitive abilities. Bringing this natural light into homes through skylights are quite simply the best solutions to many environmental, architectural and psychological issues.

How to Choose the Perfect Skylight for Your Home

Knowing the benefits and solutions of a skylight is a key first step towards deciding on the perfect skylight for your home. Whilst considering whether to invest in a skylight for your home and workplace, perhaps the following benefits and uses of a skylight can sway your decision. Other than the aesthetic appeal that a skylight offers your room, there are architectural, environmental and psychological benefits of a skylight.

Skylights direct natural light into a dark room or a space in your home that’s filled with amazing yet unnoticed features. This architectural appeal works jointly with the environmental and psychological benefits to create a lovely all-embracing experience that every skylight brings into homes. A well-lit room results in better concentration, increased work productivity and better retail sales. And yes, skylights and energy saving can be synonymous too, but more about that later.

Pioneers in the sky lighting industry have successfully identified the value of natural light and are utilizing their product and service to find an alternate solution to electric lighting and carbon emissions. With this knowledge of the array of benefits that a skylight can bring into your home, life and environment around you, you can focus on the important task of choosing the perfect skylight for your home.

Supplier of Skylights

Skylight forerunners such as Belle Skylights take away the confusion and hesitation when it comes to deciding on a specific skylight for your room or space. There are a few factors that need consideration before making a final decision. Firstly, identity what the purpose of your desired skylight is and what do you need the skylight to do for your room – is your aim to lighten up a dark room?

Once you’ve successfully identified the purpose, consider the position and placement of the skylight- have a look at your ceiling and figure out the best place to fit the skylight, such as the middle of the roof. With that done, decide on the shape and size of your ideal skylight- this could depend on the shape and size of your room and ceiling. Lastly, the use of accessories and options allows you to have control over the comfort and convenience of your skylight.

An attempt to consider all the above factors may be a little overwhelming for some, that is why there are Skylight professionals who can assist in every step towards meeting your daylighting needs.

With a vast selection of sunlight designs, it is important that your design decision is not based solely on the aesthetic appeal of the skylight. Along with the above-mentioned considerations, it is also best to consider how the benefits of each skylight design ties in with your room and personal preference.

For example, there are specific designs – such as the Selectolite- which are best suited for hospitals, schools and offices for the reduction of solar heat and glare. Then there are other specific designs- such as the Velux Light and Ventilation- which are best for bringing dark spaces to life. Basically, every single design has a specific function and ability, and so finding a skylight suitable to your exact preference is quite easy. The below image provides a very simple breakdown of the different skylight designs you can choose from, as well as their abilities, advantages and functions.

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Power Saving

What is quite important to note is that your skylight should serve its intended function in your home or space and should not add to your energy bill instead. Up to 40% of your homes’ heat energy in winter can leak out through skylights, and that is an unnecessary cost. This is usually the case if your skylight has been poorly designed and fitted- an issue you won’t face if thorough research is conducted into finding a reputable sky lighting company. Sky lighting professionals can fit the best skylight into your home so that you rather save up energy as well as your energy bills.

The benefits of natural light have proven to create a room that is responsible for your improved mood, performance and energy levels, and doing so while upgrading your homes aesthetic appeal and decreasing your carbon emissions. Once you have made the decision of getting a skylight fit into your home, make sure you contact the best sky lighting professionals- Belle Skylights- to do the job correctly. Choosing to have a skylight in your home is one of the best decisions you can make for yourself, your lifestyle and environment- it’s the ‘light’ thing to do!