Singapore’s economy has grown at least fivefold since the turn of the century. Unlike before, nowadays it is becoming a center of attraction for tourists in Southeast Asia. Architecture enthusiasts are flocking from all corners of the globe to marvel at its unprecedented infrastructure and modernism. Architecture firms in Singapore have benefited the most from this unprecedented revival. They are now being compared to the best architects on the global scale and not only within Singapore. Every company owner is offering them deals. Big companies, either moving in from abroad or already existing in the country, have been so adamant on getting their headquarters designed by local architectures. The steps to dealing with these firms are pleasantly simple. A meeting can be agreed upon within which both parties can discuss preliminary ideas before moving into the initial design and finally onto the site where the project is supposed to take place. Some of these architects work as freelancers which make them an asset to companies, rather on that operates in a different manner.

Reasons freelance residential architect in Singapore could be beneficial to big companies

  • Freelancers usually have a more flexible schedule than architectural firms. Most of the freelancers work on only one project at a time because they cannot afford the manpower to keep track of many projects at the same time.
  • For the same reason mentioned above, freelancers are bound to dedicate more time to the project.
  • Freelancers can bring their own ideology, imagination, and creative ideas to the project. In fact, this is the main reasons that big companies like to hire them as consultants on independent contracts.
  • Freelance residential architects cost far less than architecture firms since their expenses are far less in comparison.
  • Freelancers do not usually get into long-term contracts so they can be replaced between projects if things didn’t do according to plan which is something that cannot be done with architecture firms.