Air duct leakage can be a real mess if not prevented. To avoid the problems that come with this, air duct cleaning Toronto is essential. On average, the air ducts take away almost 10% of your indoor air supply. This makes them the highest energy waster in your entire house.

But how do you know your air ducts are leaking? Luckily, there are significant signs of air duct leakage and how to avoid the associated additional costs and risks of air duct leakage in your house. If you have been doing air duct cleaning Toronto, reconsider the way you handle it if you notice the following signs.

  1. High Utility Bills

Every time you get your monthly utility bills, you get flabbergasted. Do you know who the culprit is? Well, you leaking air ducts are the real culprit and the ones to blame. When they are dripping, they put pressure on the HVAC system to work harder to maintain the temperatures in your home at a comfortable rate. This, in turn, causes high energy consumption and you end up paying for on your heating and cooling bills.

  1. Unstable Temperatures Throughout the Year

If your ducts are leaky, they allow the conditioned air to find its way to the outdoors or attic, and this inhibits air from reaching the intended rooms in your house. If you can feel low airflow getting out through the vents in some rooms, that can be attributed to leaking air ducts. That is a sign that air conditioning in your home is compromised and you should consider air duct cleaning Toronto services as soon as possible before the problem escalates and put your family into asthma and other airborne risks.

  1. Poor Indoor Air Quality

Leaking ducts can contribute to high quality in your home. this can, in turn, lead to excess mould growth. When there is an excessive development of mould in your home, this poses a great risk to you and your family members. Dangers of contracting allergies or asthma are real when living in such houses.

In addition to the development of mould, leaking ducts can cause the back drafting. When the return ductwork leak air, your home is depressurised, and that can lead to air being pulled in from the outside. When this occurs, dirty air and dangerous glasses can circulate through your house, which could be hazardous to your family health.

  1. Excessive Dust in Your House

When duct leak in areas such as crawlspace and basement areas which are usually not conditioned, it pulls dust and spread it to several rooms in your home. If you find dusting your home frequently, without any tangible results, it could be that your air ducts are leaking. In that case, air duct cleaning Toronto will be the only option to curb this problem.

Is your home uncomfortably warm or too cold? Do you have large amounts of dust or mould? Are your monthly utility bills ever rising? These are visible signs of leaking ductwork. Don’t waste your money anymore, air duct cleaning Toronto is here for your aid!