If your bathroom is on the small side, space is at a premium and the only way to go is bespoke, as made to measure fittings will make the very best of the available space. Start with a floor plan of the empty bathroom and build your plan accordingly, and it is worth noting that sinks and toilets can be relocated with a little building work, so you could create a new layout. Here are a few tips from the professionals regarding small bathroom design.

  • Corner Shower – If you have a bath, consider replacing it with a bespoke corner shower unit, which will give you a few square metres of floor space, and by talking to any of the established bathroom renovations contractors North Shore, you can select an attractive corner shower unit.
  • Bespoke Cabinets & Shelving – Every bathroom has a few awkward corners and recesses and these are best used by building storage to fit. The bathroom renovation specialist would use computer 3D imaging to show the client how the layout would look, and by using the recesses, you have maximised your available space. If you call in a renovation firm, they have the know-how and skill to build cabinets to fit any space.
  • Slimline Vanity – This is one way to claw back a few centimetres of space, plus the narrow unit will be in proportion with the room, and if you search online, you will find a wide range of small bathroom furniture, especially designed for small bathrooms. If you can use a recess for the vanity, even better, and with made to measure solutions, it is achievable.
  • Stick to Light Colours – If you choose two light shades, the room will look roomier, and pale pastel colours help create the perfect ambience. A light lavender and cream, or pale blue and white, these are the colour combinations best suited for a small bathroom. A small, dark room will add a touch of confined space feel, so avoid dark shades.
  • Hang your Towels – Hanging your towels from trendy bathroom hooks is another way to save space, and this is something the bathroom renovator can do. Towel racks make the room look narrow, especially when towels are fluffy, so do consider hooks or rings that are suspended.

If you seek out a bathroom renovation firm, they will show you a few designs, and with your input, a final design can be agreed and the work can begin.