Using different wood finishes in the same space can end well or badly, depending on how you mix them. Combining a good-looking mix of wood finishes is something that takes planning and should be thought out before brining your furniture pieces home or installing new built-in cupboards.

Here are a few tips for making your wood colours and finishes blend well.

  1. Shop with samples

It is best to get samples from the wood or wooden panel manufacturer and test what matches before making any decisions. These samples are usually available in hardware stores, from cut and edge professionals, or directly from the manufacturer.

  1. Go with the grain

All wood-like finishes will have a visible grain. It is best to choose finishes with a similar grain pattern. If mixing solid wood and laminated wood materials be aware of the rustic feeling that real wood brings and try to pick a MelaWood colour that has a similar, natural feel to it.

  1. Be aware of the contrast

High contrast colour combinations are not always necessary when it comes to mixing wood grains. Instead of mixing light and dark MelaWood colours like Shale Oak and Monument Oak try a light and medium or dark and medium colour mix. Try mixing Shale Oak with Esperanza Oak or Camden with Monument Oak instead.

  1. Create a buffer

Wood on wood on wood can get a bit busy, so use solid colours to break the wood look. Wooden panel manufacturers often offer a range of solid laminated wood colours that one can use in between the different wood grains. Rugs, upholstered couches, and accessories also help to hide the variation of different wood grains.