Exterior windows can help you enjoy the outside view and warm sunlight. You can enjoy having a cup of tea or coffee in the morning while sitting next to your windows. Exterior windows not just let the sunlight in but also allows you to keep an eye on your home’s exterior for security and safety. These days, you can find several styles for your exterior windows such as bow windows, bay windows, slider windows, casement windows, double-hung windows, etc. Choosing the right window style becomes difficult when you have lots of choices. But nothing to worry about as we are going to share a few tips to help you choose the perfect exterior window style for your house.

    • Consider your house’s architectural style

Every house has an architectural style that makes it unique. Selecting an exterior window that matches this architectural style can help add beauty to your home. Like if you have a contemporary and modern style house, then slider glass windows or double-hung windows will be an ideal choice. But if you have a traditional house, then classic diamond-shaped windows will look great. So, stick to your house’s architectural design for guidance.

  • Colorful window mullions and frames

Based on the color of your home’s exterior, you can choose matching color window mullions and frames. Giving a new paint to your frames and mullions is a perfect idea if you are opting for a home improvement project.

  • Decide the purpose of your windows

No doubt, the basic purpose of home windows is to let in sunlight, but they can also serve many other purposes. For example, windows can be used as a doorway or to beauty your home’s exterior. Decide which rooms need windows to let in sufficient light and which rooms require windows to enjoy the outside view.

  • Evaluate the need for ventilation

Windows are often used to allow the movement of fresh air both inside and outside of the rooms. Ventilation is essential for some rooms, which makes the installation of windows a necessity. Choose a window style that best fulfills the need for ventilation. Many rooms need sliding windows, which can be both closed or opened as required. Some rooms don’t require ventilation, so you can install fixed windows in those rooms. Generally, most houses have both fixed and sliding windows.

  • Consider the direction of the sun

If you have hired a contractor or architect to design your windows, then do consider the direction of the sun. See where your house sits with regard to the sunrise and sunset. If you are habitual of late wake-up, then an early rising sun in the bedroom will irritate you. This tip will also maintain adequate heat inside your home during cold winter months and will eventually decrease your energy bills. Here at Canadian Choice Windows and Doors, you can get a variety of window styles.

  • Consider the home interiors

Just like your home’s exterior aesthetic, it is also important to consider the house’sinteriors. Like in bathrooms, you should select windows that can let in light but don’t permit direct viewing from outside.