Your home improvement challenges could all be solved with one single item. You can get a space saver, aesthetic value and functionality all in one. Sound too good to be true? If you’re sceptical you obviously haven’t tried out folding arm awnings yet.

Let’s run through the various benefits and you’ll discover the many ways this will benefit your home or even office space.

Use Them…Everywhere

After installing your first one you’ll quickly make this your default home improvement item. They can be used almost anywhere from providing shade for pools or transforming an outside area into a semi-covered room.

Not even the weather limits you in where you’ll use this shading. Because they can retract you can prevent them from getting damaged in extreme winds. Simply adhere to the awnings safety alert messages and collapse it when the weather turns.

You can install automated awnings which means even if it sits high on a wall it’s quick and easy to collapse the moment the weather picks up: Just push a button.

Taylor the Look

Are you concerned about your building’s look? No need. You can manage it so you love the final result.

The Framework

Nothing prevents you from creating the perfect look that fits your preferences because folding arm awnings come in various sizes. No matter the space you have available there will be an appropriate solution for you. That means you’re not left with an oversized item ruining the overall picture.

You can even order a frame with a certain colour you prefer. The powder coating will look stylish for years.

The Fabric

What style are you in the mood for and which colours will look best with your décor or wall paint? Yes, folding arm awnings are decorative features too and you can pick from a range of different fabrics & colours.

Functionality and Aesthetics in One

Don’t compromise. A building’s value is determined by its aesthetics as well as the functionality of the space. With folding arm awnings you get both in one object since these shading devices look sleek and they’re discreet. They won’t ruin the overall look.

It’s How You Optimize Your Space

No longer will you have wasted space and hot days don’t have to chase you indoors anymore. Because they’re so customizable you can install one in small or large spaces. This becomes the solution for many scenarios:

  • With folding arm awnings Sydney summers can be enjoyed optimally without putting yourself at risk of getting sun burnt. Get more use out of your pool by creating some shade during the hottest part of the day. The best is that you can collapse it later on when you want to enjoy the last sun rays and look at the glorious sunset.
  • Come rain or shine you can enjoy spending time outside as folding arm awnings create makeshift roofs whenever you need it.
  • No need to build additional covered parking because the awning you use as shade next to the pool can also give shade to your or visitors’ cars.
  • Pick a high-end awning and you can enjoy the benefit of LED lights. These can light up your outside area so you can enjoy and utilize the space much more than before.

Of course, you want to optimise your budget too and you can do so with these awnings. Because you’ll often collapse them they get less sun than normal awnings. That means they’ll last longer. This is a practical and a budget friendly option.

Only one question remains now: Why don’t you have one yet?