Washing machines are a savior for us in today’s hectic and forever-packed work schedules. Who has the time to wash clothes manually? You can of course avail a laundry service, but it often isn’t reasonable or satisfactory. In such circumstances, buying a washing machine is definitely a wise one-time investment that shall leave you relatively free of worries for at least a few years. So when you’re buying your first-ever washing machine in 2018, wouldn’t you like to know which one’s a catch? There are several models offered by top companies such as LG, Whirlpool, Samsung, Godrej and many more, but the question is what features should one focus on while purchasing the Best Front Load Automatic Washing Machine in 2018. Well, today we’ll focus on just this, read along to know the top trends in washing machine technology in 2018!

  • Inverter Technology

If you’re worried about receiving high electricity bills owing to a washing machine’s use, then do a search for ones that have the inverter technology. It has been phenomenal in saving electricity in appliances that utilize a motor. Its primary function includes enabling a machine to run at its optimum speed as per the load carrying capacity of the machine. While conventional washing machines are designed with a motor meant for a fixed load and operate most effectively when running at the optimum load, washing machines inclusive of inverter technology allow the motor to operate at an optimum speed for whatever load it carries. The presence of sensors in such washing machines helps to detect the load of the machine. Now, based on this load electric circuits can determine the best speed at which running the motor would lead to the excellent use of electricity. Moreover, it’ll be even better if you seek those machines that have a VFD or Brushless DC motors that allows the adequate use of electricity at variable speeds.

  • TwinWash and FlexWash technology

Samsung and LG have introduced a feature that’s the perfect solution for those wishing to have both front and top loaders. These are revolutionary technologies that enable one to have front and top loaders packed in a single washing machine! This hybrid design has separate sections, one for washing lingerie, scarves or handkerchiefs and the other for washing clothes, bedsheets, etc.

  • Direct Drive Technology

We all agree that Best semi-automatic washing machine is a boon, but this boon can often be noisy, isn’t it? Washing machines that were manufactured a few years back end up causing so much noise that one can’t even take a phone in the same room! Well, in 2018 this problem has been readily solved due to the use of Direct Drive technology. Before this trend, washing machines consisted of numerous moving parts such as gears and belts that were necessary for the smooth functioning of conventional motors. It was because of these parts that your old washing machine created those loud sounds. However, with the direct drive technology, all such parts are removed. Not only does is lessen the noise, but it also saves tons of electricity. Since there are fewer parts, energy lost in friction or running of a gearbox is saved thereby using less electric power. Though direct drive motors can be heavier and bulkier than old ones, their efficacy will surely relieve you!

  • Bubble bath for your laundry!

Samsung and IFB have developed a path-breaking technology that harnesses the power of bubbles to provide impeccable cleaning without harming the fabric. These Best Front Load Automatic Washing Machines produce millions of bubbles to give a thorough and deep cleaning to your laundry, removing even the toughest stains or dirt!  Samsung uses EcoBubble whereas IFB uses O2 Wash.

So when buying your new washing machine in 2018, do keep these features in mind. We are sure that you’ll get amazing offers at Bijili Bachao. What are you waiting for? Go browse through multiple options online!