It’s easy to understand by packaging is so important for brands. The basic purpose of a packaging box is to minimize damage to the product during transit and to protect it from various impacts, but the packaging is also a shelf billboard of sorts. Done right, packaging can influence buyers and purchase decision. For most companies and sellers, what remains a point of concern is the cost. If your brand is trying to cut costs of retail packaging boxes, here are some handy tips that may help.

  1. Consider the size again. More often than not, the packaging is overdone, usually because companies are trying to innovate with the design of the box. Keep in mind that the box size needs to be apt for the product and should be customized accordingly.
  2. Get away with extra packaging material. Using more packaging material than required complicates the whole unboxing experience and adds to the cost. Think again as what you really need and what can be skipped.
  3. Order in bulk. This is a no-brainer of sorts related to economies of scale. By ordering a large batch of retail packaging boxes, you can actually save a lot of money. However, this only makes sense when you don’t intend to change the packaging anytime soon.
  4. Find a good manufacturer. A reliable manufacturer always offers the best price for retail packaging and can help you to decide on the right design, style and shape of product boxes. Even if it means paying a tad more, always go for a seller you can count on.
  5. Consider ways to minimize shipping. Instead of using Styrofoam for securing products inside the box, think of other options like colorful reused paper, bubble wraps and so on. Even a small difference to the shipping weight can mean huge savings.

Other things to note

Before you decide on retail boxes, consider the product itself and how much you want to spend on packaging. Printing more on the boxes will add to the costs, and it is necessary at the same time that the relevant information is shared with the customers. Also, you may want to rethink packaging based on how the other brands and your immediate competitors are doing it. The market is the biggest teacher when it comes to understanding packaging trends, and it is also necessary to balance trends with budget and product packing needs. Check online now to find more on retail packaging box manufacturers.