When we think about demolition, possibly the two first images that come into our heads are those of watching a series of controlled explosions to bring down a high rise structure, like a block of flats or a giant chimney, or that of a giant wrecking ball smashing through and pulverising a structure. In truth though there is a great deal more to the job than this, and the demolition company of today is far removed from its predecessors. Demolition used to be one of the most dangerous jobs you could possibly get into, which has also changed, with priorities today being very much focused on getting a job done safely and with respect for environmental considerations, though of course finishing on time and within budget have never gone out of fashion.


It might be difficult to immediately make the connection between demolition and being green, though in reality the demolition company today is one of the forerunners in recycling. Today, every scrap taken from a site is carefully sorted, with as much as possible of the original construction materials being made available to be used again, making a demolition company often one of the best places to buy aggregates, bricks and timber. Everyone today is aware how dangerous materials such as asbestos is, which has to be carefully removed and contained before being removed from a site, a task that often falls to the demolition teams. They are also used to dealing with and removing a wide host of potentially hazardous and toxic products, which not long ago would have probably ended up in a landfill, to subsequently pollute our waterways.

Delicate Works

Again, delicate is not a word traditionally associated with the operations of a demolition services operation, but this is often the case. A building to come down may have adjacent properties, which must be completely untouched, while a building of historical interest, may require the interior to be stripped out for a renovation, whilst leaving the outer structure entirely intact. These tasks require a level of finesse that can in no way be associated with the wrecking ball we mentioned earlier.

Site Preparation

Before a new construction can begin on the site of a torn down structure, the site must be properly prepared and excavated, which is a task that will often fall to the team that took the old building down. Many would be surprised at the level of care and precision shown in such operations, especially from an industry such as demolition.

Training and Safety

The world of demolition is still a dangerous one, but accidents these days are highly infrequent in professional companies. Safety has been increasingly important across the entire workplace, with very strict legislation introduced to protect the worker. There are many specialist sectors within demolition, and each of the operators have received very extensive training in their separate fields, to ensure they know the precise outcome of particular actions, which has helped make a demolition site much safer today than was even imaginable not too long ago.

With the development of ever more suburban areas, with small sized, older properties giving way to larger high rise structures, which will in their own time need to come down again, you can expect the demolition sector to be around and ever more professional as time goes by.