We spend most of our time in the bedroom, whether sleeping or just relaxing after a hard day at work. One-third of our life is spent sleeping, so why shouldn’t we spend some money on upgrading the most important room in our home? There is an assortment of elegant designs which you can add to your master bedroom, here are just some of them.

The Bed

Let us start with the most important feature in your bedroom – the bed! If you want a good night’s sleep, you must focus on the bed. If you have already invested in a comfy mattress, the next step is to install a low-profile bed. When you work with experts in custom built homes in Canberra, speak to them about modernising your master bedroom. Forget about bulky, raised bed and go for something more comfortable and stylish.

Hidden Features

The great thing about working with custom builders is the array of unique features you can add to your home. Why not consider fitting a makeup vanity or study area in the corner of the room? It can be closed off from the bedroom, giving you ultimate privacy when you need it.

Breakfast Corner & Mini Fridge

Why should a bedroom only have a mini fridge when it is in a hotel setting? Having a mini fridge and breakfast bar in your master bedroom is a great addition to your home. Many of us enjoy a morning coffee or tea when we wake up and this can be easily done if you have the right facilities in the room. If you need a cold glass of water in the middle of the night, there is no need to run to the kitchen.

Antique Beams

It is always a good idea to reclaim antique beams and assimilate them into a more modern décor. Antique beams add a rustic, warm feeling to a master bedroom, giving it style and comfort. Exposed beams which have been treated elevate the appearance of your bedroom. Decorative reclaimed beams can be used as the extension of your bedroom when the styles come together.

When working with custom home builders, focus a lot of your attention on the master bedroom. After all, it is a place where we spend most of our time when at home. It should reflect your personality and provide a comfortable oasis to unwind and shut yourself off from the world.