When building a house, its decoration is extremely important. In the modern world, people are extremely active in the fight for ecology, which is why it has spread rapidly in the construction industry. Wood in the interior of a home always gives the home a closeness to nature and diversifies the modern style. Wood cladding can be used both outside and inside the house.

Coating of wooden surfaces

Because wood is a natural material, it can lose its original appearance over the years. To prevent this from happening, special materials are used that cover the wood and prevent it from rotting.

Oil. This choice protects the wood from external hazards. Modern oils have a wide range of colors to choose from, and if you don’t want to paint, then you can coat them with translucent oil and keep the color of the wood. This method of oil coating is suitable for those who want to create an image of coziness and naturalness.

Varnish. Varnishing wood protects not only from external actions, but also from scratching. Unfortunately, the varnish slightly changes the true color of the wood. Natural and high-quality wood varnishes provide an opportunity to experiment – brighter shades and more gloss.

Wax. Wood waxing is not a complicated procedure. The liquid mass is applied to the wood surface with a paint roller and allowed to dry. The most important thing is to cover the wax evenly. Wood that is coated with wax does not have to be glossy. This can also be done in a matte shade.

How to care for wood?

Wood finishing requires special care. Just don’t wet the wood! This will encourage her to rot faster. Choose an effective cleaning method based on what agent (oil, varnish or wax) is applied to your wood finish. To find out if the cleaner does not harm the tree, try cleaning only a small area. Use a cloth that is not too rough.

Keep the wood trim up to date

If you have decided that you want a wood finish, be aware of the fact that you will need to update it from time to time. The frequency of when it is necessary to change the wood depends on what kind of wood finish is made, by what means it is protected and what external factors harm it. Waxed wood usually needs to be renewed, and lacquered requires the least renewal.

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