Various reasons and causes can lead to water damage at your home or commercial property. Besides natural disasters like floods, sudden & torrential rains, hurricane, even small plumbing issues, roof leaks and burst pipe can cause water damage, and it may take consider effort in remediation. This is one job that must be outsourced to professionals. Find a company that deals in water damage restorage, and call them at the earliest. Here are some things worth knowing.

Steps following water damage

Once you have detected water damage on the property, there are a few steps you need to take –

  • If safe, disconnect power supply. Once you have done that, remove the electronic products if you can. However, if you are unsure of the extent of damage, or there is excessive flooding, do not attempt to reach the main switch.
  • Get your family out/evacuate. Make sure that everyone leaves the home as soon as possible, especially in case of flooding. If this is a commercial property, get everyone involved in evacuation.
  • Clear out water, if safe. Again, if you think that it is safe to drain out some of the water, do that. You may also check for signs of mold, which is likely to grow in any area that’s exposed to moisture for a long time.

Calling the experts

When it come water damage restoration, ask around or check online for top-rated local companies. Make sure that they are licensed & insured, which must be the first question to ask, and enquire how quickly they can come to the spot. Many restoration services often guarantee assurance within the first hour, and therefore, the response time is worth considering.

Things to know

When the water restoration experts come to your property, ask them about the extent of damage, and based on the evaluation, you can expect to get an estimate. Ask them if they can help with claims about insurance company. As for the estimate, make sure that there are no unexpected or hidden charges. If there is mold remediation involved, get an added estimate for that. The time required for remediation varies on many factors, like extent of flooding, but do ask for a deadline.

Final word

Even a few hours delay in water restoration and remediation can lead to serious losses, and instead of paying for repairs later, it’s best to call in a professional company as soon as possible.