Whether it is home or business, proper maintenance of HVAC system is essential for normal functioning of the people and to assure their comfort. The efficiency of the HVAC system can be greatly improved by regular maintenance and check-ups. This would also help in lowering the cost of energy bills monthly. This is because when the HVAC system is not maintained properly, it tends to consume more energy to function normally. And, even if it doesn’t seem like there is a problem, there would be a stock pile of redundant problems in the system which would continue to increment and which would eventually result in exorbitant amounts on energy bills.

Here are the few maintenance steps that you can perform yourself or take the help of a HVAC contractor for proper maintenance of the HVAC system –

Clean or Change Air Filters Regularly

An effective way to lower your energy bills is by changing the filters of your HVAC system once every three months. The filters are responsible for keeping dirt, dust and allergens out of your home. By hiring a HVAC contractor to do it for you, they can help you run your system more efficiently and effectively.

Check the Condition of Your Fan and Clean it Regularly

It is common for the HVAC fan to become loose over time due to vibrations. Thus, you need to ensure that the fans are cleaned and to ensure that they are working properly. Any build up of dust or dirt should be cleaned off otherwise it puts more pressure on the HVAC unit’s motor to work. By having your fan cleaned, you can ensure that the efficiency of your HVAC system is maintained and your energy bills are down.

The Blower Motor Should Be Oiled Regularly

When you hire a HVAC contractor, they will oil the fan motor and ensure that it is running smoothly. The contractor will inspect and determine if your blower motor requires it. You will also have less repairing work needed and  increase the life of your HVAC system.


Following these few steps would ensure that you would not need to go for HVAC repair frequently, and the life span of your HVAC system would also increase greatly. Many people have their HVAC system set up and functioning well for years, while others face regular issues, and this is only due to the difference in the intervals of HVAC maintenance.

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