Weeds are a word with very negative connotations, but there are no “weeds” in nature – and sometimes, it is even nice to look at. However, it is not tolerated on the lawn, as it disturbs the beautiful, uniform green area and displaces the lawn. Our tips against weeds in the lawn:

  1. The lawn can be displaced mainly because most of the weed species that settle in the lawn are more robust than this. Wherever there is a little poorer nutrient, or the climatic conditions are not optimal, the stronger weeds have the chance to prevail. The first precautionary measure against weeds in the lawn is, therefore: Strengthen the soil of your lawn, fertilize your lawn. Lawn fertilization as done on Earth Development, in early spring decimates weeds. The second time for fertilization is autumn.
  2. Sometimes, you get the weed seeds directly into the house when you buy the lawn seeds. In any case, do not necessarily buy the cheapest seeds when buying.
  3. Since most weeds need light to grow, you can try to curb their growth by cutting the height of the lawn. 4 to 5 centimeters are usually sufficient. In midsummer, however, you should not cut the lawn too short so that it does not burn in the event of prolonged drought. Water the lawn properly
  4. Tackling the weeds: The basis is breaking off and scarifying the lawn early in the spring to get air and light and is strengthened for the summer.
  5. Prick out isolated deep roots such as dandelion or common plantain with a weed cutter.
  6. Don’t forget to Re-sow the gaps that have arisen from weed control. Otherwise, weeds will spread again.
  7. Green areas under trees and bushes that are too shady tend to be infested with moss and bare spots – pruning the bushes and trees brings light to your lawn and makes it more robust.

Killing Weeds In The Lawn: These Home Remedies Will Help

On the other hand, you are on the safe side with natural and biological weed-killing methods. For example, a great way to control dandelions is to sprinkle charcoal ash on them. On the other hand, Thistles do not tolerate water, so you should cut the stem as soon as the rain is announced. After that, the plants slowly rot.

A tip that works with all weeds is boiling water: Pour this on the unpleasant plants – but in the best case, do not hit the lawn. Then pull the dead remains out of the ground and pour them.

This Trick Kills Weeds In The Lawn

You have probably already heard of this: Since weeds are very dependent on a good supply of light, you can easily remove them by placing a black sheet on top. Choose the places in the lawn where the pest is greatest and place the tarpaulin on them. You then attach these with stones or other heavy objects or better still use an expert like Earth Development amongst others for your lawn care.

After two to three months, the weeds should have died – after all, there is no photosynthesis and no growth without the sun. On the other hand, the grass itself recovers relatively quickly if you fertilize and care for it appropriately afterward. But it is also a good idea to re-sow a little lawn at this point. Here you can read everything about sowing the lawn.