Before we get into the topic of how we can safeguard the sliding door, first of all, we should have proper clarity why people need to use the sliding door in homes or offices.

If you want to make your home then using Sliding glass doors can be a good choice. This is not just a fashionable item but also carry many benefits to installing these glass doors in the home. Some of the benefits are listed below that one can get by installing sliding glass doors in a house or office.

  1. Good Sunlight: The large toughened glass in sliding doors allows a lot of natural sunlight into the home or office during the daytime and sunlight is an important source of Vitamin D
  2. Fresh Air or proper ventilation: With the large door at one end of your house can make a world of difference in airflow and circulation.
  3. Avoid suffocation in the house: These wider doors permit for more significant traffic flow to and from the home.
  4. Aesthetically Appearance: Needless to mention Sliding doors can add liveliness and grace to the home.
  5. Space Utilisation: It seems to be like that need a larger space but this is not the case Sliding doors actually save space in your home.
  6. Natual View: It is obvious that when you install any large window, you are driving nature and the outside environment more a part of your house.

There are a few options to protect your exterior sliding door.

Keep your sliding door secured and locked. A good lock is the first line of protection and for the safe and secured locking system, you can contact Slotenmaker Lanaken they are a renowned and reliable locksmith.

A few tips are mentioned to keep your glass sliding door safe and secured but if you forget to lock the door in the first position, these tips are useless so guys do not forget to instal good and reliable locks and make them close when required.

  1. Adding motion detector or sensor

Adding a motion sensor and tying up these with your home security system is an effortless way to save your sliding door and in turn your home they are known as entry sensors. When we install them to a door frame, these detectors monitor unlock/lock motions. If someone tries to apply forces, the alarm rings and calls for help.

With the advancement in technology, some alarm systems also have glass break sensors and when glass go broken then they produce alarm based on the sound. A Notification will be sent to either you or your monitoring centre and it is dependent on the setting you do.

  1. Adding polythene to the glass.

To maintain privacy, we should have Sliding glass doors covered with a polyethene coating, they keep you to watch outside and outsiders can not watch it from standing outside.

  1. Install a security camera or CCTV Camera 

These could be a bit expensive and difficult to install But for a vulnerable spot like a sliding glass door, a security camera is the best and god solution.

  1. Adding a rod on the tracks

Sliding door should have a rod which gives more protection the sliding door