You immediately need a professional support the moment you detect your foundation sinking. Even a vertical crack on the cemented and brick wall is threatening for the structures. Often the foundation movement and settlement lead to similar issues. But there’s nothing to worry as you have the solution to fix it by hiring a reputed company offering high-end foundation repair services.

So, enhance your knowledge on the different types of foundation repairs. Know them first and then communicate with your chosen concrete repairer that can help you in fixing the foundation cracks—

Inspecting the cracks

Initially, it’s very important to understand the foundation cracks. If you find a simple hairline crack on the foundation consider it to be a shrinkage issue that has nothing to do with the structural problem. But if you find that major stepped cracks on the brick foundation or the block wall, then some heaving or settlement has occurred inside the foundation.

If the opening of the crack id wider at the top, it will signify that one or the both ends of the foundation has been collapsed. The middle of the foundation often found heaving for this cracks. In this situation, rather wasting time, call a foundation repairing team immediately to get it fixed for protecting the whole structure.


Patches or sealants are the most common forms of foundation repairing processes for the shrinkage. It is hydraulic cement that is filled inside the shrinkage cracks commonly appeared in corners of the slab foundations. The experts identify the cracks first and depending on that they decide which process can ensure a permanent solution.

Stamped concrete is a popular option for homeowners and businesses because of its durable and versatile nature. You need to find best re sealing stamped concrete companies near me.

Masonry patches

Along with the sealant process, the foundation repairing experts use various other masonry repair epoxies such as masonry patches etc. The sealants or the patches not only fill in the cracks and repair them but also ensure to stop any leakage to enter the mended area. Hence proper sealing of the foundations is mandatory to avoid similar issues.


Slabjacking is a traditional yet a very effective way for fixing bigger cracks on the foundations. The repairing team brings portable pumps and drilling machines. The process involves with the pouring the liquid concrete through the drilled holes to allow the foundation to get the previous form. The mixture contains adhesives, cements, fly ask and some chemicals for a durable impact.

Besides all these processes, piering is also an effective way for repairing the concrete or brick foundation.