Being a homeowner is a great responsibility. Not only are you in charge of how your home looks on the inside and out, you need to make sure that all the systems in your home are running properly. One system that is prone to breaking down is the plumbing. From childhood cartoons, we have seen many comedic and troublesome problems arise from pipes malfunctioning. While we may think we know about all the possible leaks that exist, there is one that is rather sneaky and can cause horrific damage if left unchecked.

Introducing the slab leak! What is a slab leak? Good question! Slab leak repair services define one as a leak that is created in copper water lines that run under the concrete foundation of a home. They are not to be confused with when the leak occurs in copper water pipes in an above ground setting, such as a wall or ceiling. That is known as a pinhole leak. Slab leaks can be located on the pressure side or drainage side of the foundation. Because of their location, slab leaks can be hard to detect with the naked eye until damage has been done.

What kinds of damage can a slab leak cause to your domicile? First off, it can cause your copper pipes to have long-term corrosion. A slab leak left to itself for too long can lead to mold damage as well as termite infestations. Another angle on the damage is that your foundation can collapse if the leak is left to itself for too long. Because of the scale of damage such a leak can cause it is important to detect a leak early so that it can be repaired quickly and effectively.

What can cause a slab leak? One culprit is ground or foundation shifts. Too much pressure on your pipes can cause the leaks to form even in the strongest pipes. Abrasion caused by pipes rubbing against exposed gravel or concrete can also cause a similar result. Corrosion from soil can also create such a leak.

What are the signs that a house may have a slab leak? A good sign would be a spike in the water bill that can’t be explained. Mold or mildew under carpeting or mold problems and smells in general can be a warning. Damp or warm floors or cracks in the baseboard and walls may also be indicators. Be wary of hearing running water or the water meter dial moving when pipes aren’t in use. Taking note of such changes in your home can increase the likelihood of stopping a minor issue from transforming into a major problem.

How can slab leaks be prevented from running amok? The best way is to check the plumbing frequently as well as watch out for the warning signs. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as the old adage says. If it is possible that a leak may have started, calling a slab leak repair service right away is the best course of action in nipping the problem in the bud.

Making sure that a house is in perfect order can be difficult at times. Last thing needed is for a slab leak to turn a lovely living situation into a nightmare. Keeping an eye out for warning signs and frequent checks on the plumbing can assist with this. If such an issue does arise, calling a repair service quickly can result with the matter being put to rest in little to no time at all. Home is where the heart is so let’s keep said home as safe and whole as possible.