Pepper spray for dogs is a helpful tool to deal with aggressive stray dogs attacking you or your pet. But pepper spray must not be used as a training device in order to stop your dog from doing different actions that are not desirable.

Effect of Pepper Spray On Dogs

Pepper spray will repel dog and irritate their skin and eyes. But, even if it is painful and can incapacitate the dog for many hours, the spray won’t cause any damage to the dog. Some products that also have a repelling effect are available. The liquid can be effective in keeping away highly aggressive or rabid dogs. The spray contains a very small amount of pepper. After using it the dog will come down and will stop attacking you.

Using Pepper Spray on Dogs

Although the pepper spray can effectively keep stray or rabid dogs away if you feel threatened, the product must not be used as an everyday dog training tool.  Spraying a dog with pepper spray and incapacitating him for many hours is very cruel. In case your dog shows signs of aggression, call a trainer and have specialized training for this dog’s behavior. When your dog shows sudden aggression, think about visiting the vet because the dog may have a medical condition which causes the behavior change and makes him aggressive.

If used on rabid dogs you need to call a local shelter or animal control to inform them about the dog’s location so they can pick the dog up and isolate him to stop him from harming any pets or humans.


In case you accidentally used the pepper spray on your dog, apply first aid measures. Calm him down and apply cold water on the area you sprayed the product on. Consider placing your dog under cold running water for about 3 to 5 minutes. When the skin or eyes irritation persists, go to your vet.

Legality and Safety Of Pepper Spray

You can bring pepper spray wherever you go. But check if this is legal in your state. You can attach the spray to your belt or keep it in your purse. Consider practicing using it; however, ensure you aim at objects or cardboard boxes and you keep your pets and family away. Check the pepper spray’s expiry date and changed it when you have to.

You can buy EPA- approved pepper spray which means a more humane and less painful product that still offers the same effect on the sprayed dog.