The roof is an essential part of the house, however it is often neglected or left unnoticed, unlike your bathroom, kitchen, and other parts of your house. Think about the last time that you did your roof inspection or checks, and you will find that there is no surprise that it was only inspected a long time ago. The only time that one might check the roof, is when there is a ceiling leakage. In this article, we will discuss the signs that one can look out for in order for one to tell if it is time to get a professional to conduct a rc roof waterproofing works for your house.

Water Marks

One of the obvious signs of a leaking roof is when you can spot many stains and dark spots on your ceiling. It is common for your roof to collect both dust and water, and thus the water collected on your roof is usually brownish or dark in colour. Therefore, if you see several brownish water marks on your ceiling, it could mean that your roof is leaking and would need to be repaired immediately.

Light Entering Through Your Roof

If you notice in the morning when the sun is bright, that the sun rays are shining through your roof, then it is time for you to inspect your roof’s attic. It could mean that there are cracks in your roof and therefore, the sun rays are able to seep through the cracks.

Drainage System

A working drainage system is important, because it prevents your roof from collecting too much water and dirt. When there is a long build up on these things on your roof, your roof might end up giving way. Thus, to prevent clogs, it is important that you ensure that your drainage system is working well for your roof. When you are able to notice stagnated water or clogged water near your gutter drains, then it is time that you get them cleared or ensure that your drainage system is working efficiently.

Dark Spots &Missing Shingles

If you start to notice dark spots or even trails of water, it is time that you check on your roof’s shingles. If you notice that they are missing, it is time that you get a professional to help fix them for you.

Similarly, your gutters could get detached easily due to wear and tear overtime. When the gutter is no longer attached, this can lead to more roofing problems.

In conclusion, if you start to notice these signs, do start to engage a reliable professional to provide an accurate diagnosis for you and solve these issues right away.

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